Billfish Research

Black marlin (Makaira indica). The SWFSC administers the Cooperative Billfish Tagging Program and International Billfish Angler Survey, and 2013 marked the 50th year of NOAA Fisheries and the billfish angling community working together to promote ethical angling techniques by tagging and releasing billfish. The goal of this program is to provide information for the conservation and rational management of the billfish resources in the Pacific and since 1969, tagging materials have been supplied to the recreational billfish community. Participation from recreational anglers, sportfishing clubs, commercial fishers, and agencies affiliated with the SWFSC provide the basis for locality specific catch-per-unit-effort (CPUE) data, creating one of the longest data time-series available for these gamefish. Information on the distribution, migration patterns, and growth rate of billfish throughout the Pacific are also published in the Billfish Newsletter as an outreach program. 

The billfish researchers at SWFSC also provide information for the conservation and rational management of billfish resources in the Pacific Ocean. Program staff are committed to providing sound fishery data analysis, fishery management information, and advice for U.S. fishery management councils and international agencies.


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Last modified: 1/26/2016