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Billfish and FlagThe Billfish Newsletter is an annual publication produced by the Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC) as a service to the international angling community.  Emphasis is on billfish angling in the Pacific, Indo-Pacific and Indian Oceans.  The results of the International Billfish Angler Survey and the Cooperative Marine Game Fish Tagging Program are described in each issue.  The data presented are the result of cooperation by billfish anglers, sport fishing clubs and affiliated agencies with the SWFSC.  We express our sincere appreciation to all anglers completing the survey forms and to all those who tag and release billfish.

We welcome comments concerning both the Survey and Tagging Program, as well as the contents of this Newsletter.

Liana Heberer, Fisheries Biologist
Southwest Fisheries Science Center
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Billfish Newsletter Annual Issues

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Last modified: 10/18/2017