CalCOFI temperature data for sardine assessment

How to obtain CalCOFI temperature data used in the sardine assessment temperature control rule

The 1984 to 2016 time series data already extracted are available here

Specific SQL and R code written by Ed Weber and used to process these 1984-2013 data are available here.

Procedures for averaging temperatures were agreed to by Kevin Hill (SWFSC sardine assessment lead) and are as follows:
• Bottle samples in the standard CalCOFI stations are used (excluding SCCOOS stations)
• Depths are between 5 and 15m non-inclusive
• Years are 1984-2014
• Three non-standard cruises are eliminated (Cruises 198405, 198406, 201009)
• Steps are 1) average by station within each cruise, (2) average by cruise within year, and (3) average by year.

Last modified: 5/12/2017