2016 Sportfishing Vessel Expenditure Survey: For anglers fishing recreationally in Non-U.S. waters from San Diego

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NOAA Fisheries is currently working in partnership with the Sportfishing Association of California (SAC) to conduct a study to determine the economic importance of marine recreational fishing from San Diego into international waters. Throughout 2016, NOAA field surveyors will be inviting disembarking sport boat anglers to participate in a short dockside survey at the San Diego and Mission Bay Sportfish landing sites. This short, anonymous and confidential survey is composed of questions regarding each angler’s personal expenses related to their most recent fishing trip.

Participating in the survey is an excellent opportunity for marine anglers to contribute to building an accurate picture of the economic contribution that marine recreational fishing has on the economy. This data will be used to demonstrate the economic impacts of fishing regulations, to contribute to more informed decision-making, and to publicize the economic significance of the industry.      

If invited to participate, please take the time to complete a survey. Your participation will help build an accurate picture of the industry’s contribution to the economy.  


Question and Answer Survey Information    


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The table below shows how many vessels of participating anglers are needed to obtain a large enough sample size for the study.  Please help us get there!  


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