Protected Resources Division Image Gallery

The Protected Resources Division Image Gallery is for both public and research use.  The gallery includes species photographed during field studies conducted by the  Southwest Fisheries Science Center , Protected Resources Division, under  NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service research permits.  The gallery is not intended to be a worldwide gallery of all known species.  Protected Resources Division personnel are encouraged to contribute additional photographs.  Each photograph is stamped with a general agency photo credit: "NOAA NMFS SWFSC PRD", which should not be removed by the user.  Each photo page contains thumbnail images that when opened, provide a higher resolution image.

Blue whale aerial black and white

Baleen Whales


Toothed Whales 

Dalls Porpoise






  Sea lion adult male

Sea Lions


Sea Turtles

(Under construction)







Last modified: 2/6/2015