California Current Marine Mammal Assessment Program Staff

Jeff Moore Staff Photo


Jeffrey Moore, Program Leader, EEZ Mammals and Acoustics 
Southwest Fisheries Science Center 

Vertebrate population dynamics, fisheries impacts on marine populations, quantitative ecology, protected species management and  conservation

Karin Forney Staff


Karin Forney 
Southwest Fisheries Science Center   

Aerial Line-Transect surveys, Cetacean Abundance and Population Trends, Environmental Models of Cetacean Distribution, Fishery Bycatch, Marine Mammal Stock Assessments

 Jim Carretta Staff

Jim Carretta
Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Shipboard Line-Transect Surveys, Marine Mammal Stock Assessments, Protected Species Bycatch Estimates, Machine-Learning Methods  


Shannon Rankin hydro

Shannon Rankin 
Southwest Fisheries Science Center 


Cetacean Bioacoustics, Acoustic Line-Transect Surveys, Array Building, 'Boing'-Buster



Mark Lowry
Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Pinniped Censusing, Aerial Photogrammetry, Sea Lion Diet Studies   

      Elizabeth Becker Staff

Elizabeth Becker
Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Phone: (805) 680-3374

Predictive Habitat-Based Models of Cetacean Density, Oceanographic Correlates of Cetacean Abundance and Distribution

Alex Curtis Staff

K. Alexandra Curtis
Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Fisheries and Ecosystem Management, Assessing Fisheries Impacts on Marine Megafauna, Computer-Intensive Statistics, Characterization of Uncertainty.

 Emily Griffiths

Emily T. Griffiths
Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Cetacean Bioacoustics and Species Identification, Detection and Localization, Acoustic Range and Population Surveys, Acoustic Equipment Building and (more often) Troubleshooting.

Beth Jaime bmp

Beth Jaime
Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Channel Islands Pinniped Photogrammetry

Eiren Jacobson Staff

Eiren Jacobson, SIO Graduate Student
Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Quantitative ecology, passive acoustic methods, cetacean population studies

Amy Van Cise Staff Photo 

Amy Van Cise, SIO Graduate Student
Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Evolutionary ecology of cetaceans 

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