Cetacean Sounds

For the following sounds, we recommend using headphones. Some of the sounds are above the normal hearing range for many people.

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Blue Whale Blue Whale (low frequency, requires bass)

Bottlenose DolphinRisso's DolphinsBottlenose and Risso's Dolphins

Bottlenose DolphinFalse Killer WhaleBottlenose Dolphins and False Killer Whales 

Common DolphinsCommon Dolphins

Fraser's DolphinsMelon-Headed WhalesFraser's Dolphins and Melon-Headed Whales

Humpback WhaleHumpback Whale

Killer WhalesKiller Whales

Minke WhaleMinke Whale (boing)

Pacific White Sided DolphinsPacific White Sided Dolphins

Pacific White Sided DolphinsNorthern Right Whale DolphinsPacific White-Sided & Northern Right Whale Dolphins




Pilot Whales Pilot Whales

Pygmy Killer Whales

Risso's DolphinsRisso's Dolphins

Rough Toothed DolphinsRough Toothed Dolphins

Sperm WhaleSperm Whale (normal clicks)

Sperm WhaleSperm Whale (rapid clicks)

Sperm WhaleSperm Whale (slow clicks)

Sperm WhalesSperm Whales (rapid clicks and coda)

Spinner Dolphin Spinner Dolphin 

Spotted DolphinsSpotted Dolphins

Striped DolphinsStriped Dolphins