Paula Olson: Selected Publications

Olson, P.A., Ensor, P., Olavarria, C., Bott, N. Constantine, R., Weir, J., Childerhouse, S., van der Linde, M., Schmitt, N., Miller, B.S., and Double, M.C. 2015. New Zealand blue whales: information on residency, morphology, and feeding behavior of a little-known population. Pacific Science 69(4):477-485.

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Olson, P.A. 2012. Review of Field Guide to Marine Mammals of the Pacific Coast: Baja, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, by Sarah G. Allen, Joe Mortenson, and Sophie Webb. Quarterly Review of Biology. 87(3):27

Olson, P.A., Ensor, P. and S. Kuningas. 2012. Observations of killer whales off east Antarctica, 082° - 095°E, in 2009. Journal of Cetacean Research and Management. 12(1):61-64

Pitman, R. L., Durban, J.W., Greenfelder, M., Guinet, C., Jorgensen, M., Olson, P.A., Plana, J., Tixier, P., and J. R. Towers. 2010. Observations of a distinctive morphotype of killer whale (Orcinus orca), type D, from sub-Antarctic waters. Polar Biology 34(2): 303-306.

Olson, P.A. 2010. Blue whale photo-identification from IWC IDCR/SOWER cruises 1987/1988 to 2008/2009. IWC SC/62/SH29.

Jefferson, T.A., Olson, P.A., Kieckhefer, T.R., and L. Rojas-Bracho. 2009. Photo-identification of the vaquita (Phocoena sinus): the world’s most endangered cetacean. Latin American Journal of Aquatic Mammals 7(1-2):53-56.

Olson, P.A. 2009. Pilot whales (Globicephala melas and G. macrorhynchus). In: Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals, 2nd Edition. Eds. W.F. Perrin, J.G.M. Thewissen, and B. Würsig. San Diego: Academic Press.

Olson, P.A. and Gerrodette, T. 2008. Killer whales of the eastern tropical Pacific: A catalog of photo-identified individuals. NOAA Technical Memorandum. NOAA-NMFS-SWFSC-428, 120 p.  

Kane, E.A., Olson, P.A., Gerrodette, T., and P.C. Fiedler. 2008. The commensal cetacean barnacle Xenobalanus globicipitis in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, with a review of global occurrence. Fishery Bulletin 106(4): 395–404.

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Sekiguchi, K., Olavarria, C., Morse, L., Olson, P., Ensor, P., Matsuoka, K., Pitman, R., and K. Findlay. 2006. The spectacled porpoise Phocoena dioptrica in Antarctic waters. Journal of Cetacean Research and Management. 8(3):265-271.



Last modified: 3/21/2016