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The Marine Mammal Life History Frozen Tissue Archive

The life history frozen tissue archive includes samples of skin, blubber, muscle, kidney and liver that are used principally for marine mammal ecological, health, and reproductive studies. The archive started in 1990 with the Southwest Region’s gillnet fishery observer program and expansion of the stranding network to focus on animal health and development of molecular techniques. Over 1,100 specimens representing 26 species of cetaceans and pinnipeds, including all of the small delphinid and pinniped species found off California, are represented in the archive. Two of the coastal delphinids vulnerable to anthropogenic effects within the Southwest Region: the bottlenose dolphin and long-beaked common dolphin, are well represented in this collection.

To date, the collection has been used (1) to compare blubber and muscle characteristics among cetaceans, which extended our understanding of their physiology and diving behavior, (2) to compare contaminant loading geographically for short-beaked common dolphin, (3) to characterize fatty acids to further our understanding of feeding ecology, and (4) to develop molecular techniques for use in life-history studies. We also have on-going collaborations to examine causes of mortality in stranded cetaceans and to document the feeding ecology of northern right whale dolphins off CA. This collection is a valuable source of samples for ecological and health studies of small delphinid species off the coast of California, and for development of molecularly-based tools to expand the use of biopsy-collected specimens from cetaceans sampled in the wild for life-history studies.

The following publications are based on samples obtained from the frozen tissue archive:

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