Molecular Sample Collection

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The SWFSC Marine Mammal and Turtle Molecular Research Sample Collection

The Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla houses one of the largest marine mammal and marine turtle sample collections in the world, with over 140,000 tissue samples and over 60,000 DNA samples, spanning over 100 years of collection. These samples have been utilized here at our Center in an array of phylogenetic, ecological and behavioral studies, including analyses of species identification, sex determination, aging, phylogenetic relationships, foraging origin and trophic status by stable isotope techniques, and pregnancy status.

Due to its growing reputation, the collection has become the National Repository for marine turtle samples, as well as a highly trusted repository for marine mammal samples donated by national and international institutions. These samples are not only available to scientists here at the Center, but are also available to outside researchers through our Sample Request Program. For more information please contact:

Marine Mammal Samples
Kelly Robertson
Phone: 858-546-7182
Marine Turtle Samples
Erin LaCasella
Phone: 858-546-5696

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