Sample Requests

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Sample Request Program

The Sample Collection has become a valuable resource and repository of marine mammal and marine turtle samples. Therefore, the samples in the Collection have been made available to qualified researchers upon request in a limited way.  We will usually not consider sample requests that exceed 50 samples and will be selective on smaller requests. We recommend that before any project design is considered, researchers contact Kelly Robertson at with the species and number of samples likely to be requested so that we can give a quick reply as to whether we can likely handle the request. We hope this will prevent unnecessary project planning but still accommodate cases where our collection can contribute small numbers of samples to complete and strengthen studies.  

We request that a researcher submit a sample request which includes a brief description of the study and how the samples will be used.  A Sample Request Committee has been established to review and approve submitted proposals.  In general, only DNA is shared.  Exceptions may be made for particular studies, if justified.

Please note that not all samples are available for use.  This may be due to insufficient material available or because restrictions were placed on the use of the particular sample(s) by its contributor. 

If you are interested in obtaining samples, please contact Kelly Robertson at, for information and a copy of the Request Guidelines.

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