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The SWFSC’s Marine Mammal and Marine Turtle Collection is housed in the following facilities:

 Walk-in freezer

Walk-in Freezer:

Tissue samples in this freezer are most commonly preserved in salt saturated DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), ethanol, and dry (no preservative), at a temperature of -20°C.

 Cryogenic Freezer

Cryogenic Freezers:

We currently have four cryogenic freezers that store both tissue and DNA samples at -80°C. All of the tissue samples here are preserved dry (no preservative).

 Dry Collection

Dry Collection:

Dry samples such as teeth, bones, and baleen, are kept at room temperature in well organized cardboard containers.

Formalin Collection

Formalin Collection:

A very small set of samples is preserved in a 10% formalin solution and stored at room temperature.

FTA card collection

FTA® Card Collection:

A small set of turtle blood samples are preserved in FTA® cards. These samples consist of a small drop of blood that has been smeared onto an FTA® card, which contains chemicals that protect the DNA and allow it to remain stable for many years at room temperature.

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Last modified: 12/24/2014