Molecular Ecology Laboratory Protocols

cetacean strip

Many of our laboratory protocols have been formally assembled as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure that methods are performed faithfully, and that safety procedures are observed. Protocols are sometimes modified, so please contact the genetics Laboratory Manager, Amanda Bowman, if you have questions about a particular protocol.

  1. Chelex DNA Preparation Protocol for "Modern Tissue"(pdf)
  2. Cleaning PCR Product with QIAquick (pdf)
  3. Dloop Amplification for Cetacean Spp. (pdf)
  4. DNeasy DNA extraction from sloughed skin samples (pdf)
  5. DNeasy/Fastprep Extractions (pdf)
  6. Gender Amp. For all Cetaceans Except Sperm Whale (pdf)
  7. Preparation of a genomic DNA standard for quantitative PCR. (pdf)
  8. Quantitation of DNA using the cMyc QPCR assay (81 bp product), described in "Morin et al. (2001), Mol Ecol 10:1835-1844". (pdf) (Excel workbook)

    Sequence Detection Software template (compressed with Stuffit, Alladin Systems; Requires Sequence Detection Software for Macintosh, from Applied BioSystems).

  9. DNA extraction from feces, using the Qiagen stool extraction kit, as modified and described in "Morin et al. (2001), Mol Ecol 10:1835-1844". (pdf)
  10. Partial genomic library, enriched for microsatellite repeats. (pdf)
pinniped strip