August 30, 2001

ORCAWALE 2001:  Weekly Report for 8/23/01 to 8/30/01

 Lisa T. Ballance

This past week has been a busy one – though not in the usual sense...  Last Friday, the ship departed from Newport and headed for Portland and the Cascade General Shipyard’s drydock #1, where, high and dry, the starboard shaft was removed, re-milled, and replaced.  Ship’s crew worked by day, and filled two floors of the Best Western Inn by night.  (Some scientists stayed to keep them company, others toured the great Pacific Northwest or visited loved ones at home.)  On Wednesday late afternoon, the ship was re-floated and Thursday morning (23 August), Leg 2 began with a beautiful sail down the Columbia River.  The ORCAWALE schedule has been re-worked (“re-“ being a pervasive theme for the week) and we are now sailing along line “H-11” in fair weather with high hopes.

(Note that some scientists and one particular Chief Boatswain could not take “no” for an answer.  They conducted small boat ops despite the in-port status of the DSJ and obtained biopsy samples and photos – adding a new species to our list for both.)

Biopsy Report (Juan Carlos Salinas and Erin La Breque)
Photo-ID Report (Annie Douglas, Leigh Torres and Laura Morse)

                                                    Biopsy                             Photo
Species                          #Biopsies      Cumulative    #ID-Phots   Cumulative
                                    (this week)          Total           (this week)  Total
Physeter macrocephalus          0                  8                 0                15
Balaenoptera musculus           0                  1                 0                 3
Balaenoptera physalus            0                  2                 0                  9
Megaptera novaeangliae         1                  1                  0                 1
Delphinus delphis                  0                  14                0                 3
Lagenorhyncus obliquidens     0                   2                 0                 0
Lissodelphis borealis              0                    7                0                 0
Phocoenoides dalli                 0                    1                 0                0
Orcinus orca                          0                    0                0                 6
Eschrictius robustus               2                    2                5                 5
             Total                        3                  38                5                43

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