Pacific Islands Cetacean Ecosystem Assessment Survey (PICEAS)

The PICEAS 2005 (Pacific Islands Cetacean Ecosystem Assessment Survey) cruise was an ecosystem survey in the US EEZ waters of Palmyra and Johnston Atoll and adjacent waters south of Hawaii where Hawaiian long-line fishing occurs.  We collected line-transect data on cetacean abundance and density to estimate abundance for all cetacean species present in the study area; photo-ID data on false killer whales, spinner dolphins, and other key species for population structure; and biopsy samples for genetic studies of population structure.  In addition we conducted oceanographic sampling (sea surface salinity and temperature, CTDs to 1000m, XBTs, chlorophyll samples, primary productivity), net sampling (bongo, manta and dipnet), recordings of acoustic backscatter of mid-water prey, and seabird distribution and abundance, to allow for quantification of cetacean and sea turtle habitats and allow geo-spatial modeling of cetacean density.

Last modified: 12/24/2014