Collaborative Large Whale Survey: CLAWS 2015

  Gray whale diving off Alaska

The Collaborative Large Whale Survey is a joint field effort by Southwest Fisheries Science Center and Alaska Fisheries Science Center. The 4-month survey is devoted to the assessment of several large whale species off the U.S. and Canadian west coast between northern California and Kodiak, Alaska. Major components of this effort include: (1) the first range-wide assessment of gray whales that summer south of the Aleutian Islands, (2) a dedicated visual line-transect and acoustics survey for right whales in the Gulf of Alaska, and (3) sampling (photographic and biopsy) of blue and fin whales. This research survey will take place between 9 July and 9 November 2015, departing and ending in San Diego, CA. It is the first scientific project conducted aboard NOAA ship Reuben Lasker. The survey tracklines are shown below. Funding has been provided by SWFSC, AFSC, the NOAA Fisheries Offices of Science & Technology, Protected Resources, NOAA Fisheries' Alaska Regional Office, and the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission.

Pacific gray whale diving. Photo credit: Dave Weller



  Reports from the Field

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Cruise Instructions available online ( pdf format)


Tracklines for survey


Pacific Right Whale Photograph

CLAWS Tracklines: Leg 1: white;
Leg 2: yellow; Leg 3: orange;
Leg 4: red; Leg 5: green 

   Pacific right whale. Photo credit: Brenda Rone