Expedición Internacional Vaquita Marina 2015: Other Marine Animals Photos

In addition to vaquita, observers on Vaquita Expedition 2015 record sightings of other marine species encountered, including other marine mammals, sharks and turtles.

Bryde's whale_Olson_4614e_B.edeni California sea lion_27Sep2015_MB_0201_Baran California sea lion_36-IMG_3675_Taylor California sea lion_EVM-vaquita2015-47_Vazquez California sea lion_Olson_4702ec California sea lions_27Sep2015_MB_0189_Baran California sea lions_Olson_4674ec Caliofrnia sea lion_Olson_4681e hammerhead_21Oct2015_MB_1163_Baran

Last modified: 11/6/2015