Gathering Turtle Data

San Diego Bay Green Sea Turtles l Wrinklebutt in San Diego BayGathering Turtle Data | Power Plant Closure  

How do the scientists check the health of the green turtles?

Researcher Tomo Eguchi tosses out an anchor into the Bay to secure a shallow net.
tossing a turtle net
photo: Trisha Gazin

The net is continually monitored for turtles.  The lightweight, large mesh-sized net is designed to catch the turtles while allowing them to surface for air and letting fish swim through.
size of the net holes
photo: Trisha Gazin

Once a turtle is caught in the net, then it is pulled into the boat so it can be brought to shore for research.
scientists bringing wrinklebutt on to the boat
photo: Lindsey Peavey

Then, Southwest Fisheries Science Center's Marine Turtle Research
Group Scientists collect data such as length and width of the turtle.
Measuring Wrinklebutt


Dr. Peter Dutton examines the Green Turtle.
Examining Wrinklebutt

Dr. Peter Dutton and a group of scientists quickly weighing the turtle.
Turtle Weighing
photo: Tomo Eguchi

This turtle has both a satellite and a sonic transmitter attached to it.
Green Turtle with sonic transmitter 
photo: John Dutton

Then the turltes head back to the water after the biological sampling and sonic transmitter attachment.
Turtle heading back to water
photo: Lauren Hansen

Last modified: 12/24/2014