Dolphin-Safe Research Publications and Reports

In addition to its formal publications, the NMFS uses the NOAA Technical Memorandum series to issue informal scientific and technical publications when complete formal review and editorial processing are not appropriate or feasible. Documents within the Technical Memorandum series, however, reflect sound professional work and may be referenced in the formal scientific and technical literature. The NMFS also uses the Administrative Report series to ensure prompt dissemination of preliminary results, interim repors, and special studies to the scientific community. The material is not ready for formal publication since the paper may later be published in a modified form to include more recent informatiom or research results. Abstracting, citing, or reproduction of this information is not allowed. Contact the author if additional information is required.

The NMFS collaborates with other organizations on research its efforts and, in some cases, reports are released by the collaborating organization. These reports should be assumed to be similar to the NMFS Administrative Report series.

You may request copies of reports be mailed to you, subject to availability.

Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Marine Mammal and Turtle Division
P.O. Box 271
La Jolla, California 92038-0271 USA

Please see reference material for a larger list of reports, technical memorandums, and published papers