Oceanographic sampling of the water column.Physical, chemical, and biological oceanographic data can be used to assess the state of an ecosystem and its variability in space and time. These data also provide a means to link organisms at higher trophic levels with this variability, which can significantly affect distribution, abundance, and ecology. Our research uses both remotely sensed oceanographic data and data collected at sea. We have collected oceanographic data in the eastern Pacific Ocean since 1986. A comprehensive review of oceanography in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean was published in 2006. Long-term trends in the structure of the pycnocline in the eastern tropical and North Pacific were examined in a study published in 2013; these observed trends in the pycnocline, and future changes resulting from global climate change, may have important biological and ecosystem effects.

Selected Publications

Fiedler, P. C., R. Mendelssohn, D. M. Palacios, and S. J. Bograd. 2013. Pycnocline variations in the eastern tropical and North Pacific, 1958–2008. Journal of Climate 26: 583-599.The previous link is a link to a non-Federal government web site. Click to review the NOAA Fisheries disclaimer.

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