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Genetic Stock Identification of 2010 Monterey Bay Chinook Salmon Recreational Fishery

The Fisheries Ecology Division's genetics team sampled and analyzed catches from the Monterey Bay Chinook salmon recreational fishery on the 2010 season opening weekend.

Klamath Basin Science Conference

Fisheries Ecology Division researchers played a significant role in the Klamath Basin Science Conference held in Medford, Oregon in February.

Science Article on Endangered Central Coast Coho

Science Magazine reported on the plight of the endangered central California coast coho salmon and the increasing probability of extinction due to three consecutive years of exceedingly low returns.

Determining Yield for Data-Poor Stocks

Fisheries Ecology Division researchers compared results from two data-poor methods to results from accepted data-rich stock assessments of various west-coast groundfish species.

Deepsea Coral Research Priorities Workshop

Fisheries Ecology Division researcher Mary Yoklavich participated in a workshop to develop west coast research priorities for NOAA's Deepsea Coral Program.

NRC Panel Studies California Bay-Delta Water Management

Fisheries Ecology Division researchers attended the first meeting of a National Research Council panel studying sustainable water management in the California Bay-Delta.

Salmon Creek Reintroduction Experiment Successfully Produced Juvenile Coho

Fisheries Ecology Division scientists provided genetic analysis of Salmon Creek juvenile coho, confirming they are progeny resulting from a reintroduction experiment in late 2008.

Workgroup Evaluates Hatchery Chinook Marking and Tagging Programs

Fisheries Ecology Division scientists convened a workgroup meeting to evaluate alternative marking and tagging programs for hatchery produced California fall Chinook salmon.

Bronzespotted and Greenspotted Rockfish Assessments Reviewed

In September an independent review was conducted for the Fisheries Ecology Division's stock assessments for bronzespotted and greenspotted rockfish in California waters.

Bocaccio and Widow Rockfish Assessments Accepted

Fisheries Ecology Division researchers Xi He and John Field presented the results of the bocaccio and widow rockfish stock assessments to the PFMC's Scientific and Statistical Committee.

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