Research on seabirds is conducted by SWFSC scientists in the Ecosystem Studies Program of the Marine Mammal and Turtle Division and in the Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division.  In the Marine Mammal and Turtle Division, surveys of seabird distribution, abundance and community structure are conducted concurrently with marine mammal and ecosystem assessment surveys in the eastern tropical Pacific, including the Gulf of California; the shelf and slope waters of California, Oregon, and Washington; the eastern north Pacific basin; and the western tropical Indian Ocean. The group also conducts directed studies on seabird foraging ecology, diet, and taxonomy, and monitors seabird populations on remote islands in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.  Research on seabirds by Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division scientists is conducted at two field stations in Antarctica and focuses on the interactions between seabirds and their prey, and fishing activities.

Last modified: 12/24/2014