West Coast Groundfish

SWFSC scientists develop the scientific foundation for the conservation and management of Pacific Coast groundfish which are managed or monitored under the Federal West Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan which is administered by the Pacific Fishery Management Council.  Groundfish include over 80 species from several different families of fishes which, with a few exceptions, live on or near the bottom of the ocean. Pacific Coast groundfish include species such as rockfish, flatfish, Pacific whiting (hake), sablefish, and lingcod. Scientists within the Fisheries Ecology Division provide stock assessments of several important groundfish species, conduct research on groundfish habitat-use, fishery-oceanography and socio-economics, as well as conduct annual midwater trawl surveys.  In the Fisheries Research Division, research focuses on population dynamics and genetic structure and the development of survey techniques designed to assess the high relief, rocky offshore banks inhabitated by groundfishes.  In the Environmental Research Division, research focuses on fishery-oceanography and habitat use. 


Fisheries Ecology Division

Fisheries Research Division


Last modified: 12/24/2014