Albacore Research

Albacore on lineThe Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla, California conducts research on the albacore populations that inhabit the Pacific Ocean, namely, the North and South Pacific stocks. That is, different albacore stocks can be found in tropical and temperate waters of all three of the Great Oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian). To date, much of the Center's research has focused on the North Pacific stock, largely because the U.S.-based albacore fisheries, both commercial and recreational, primarily target this population. However, the South Pacific stock continues to receive research and monitoring attention, given a relatively small U.S. fleet has operated in these waters since the late 1980s.

Use the following outline to learn more about the biology and ecology of this remarkable species of tuna, the fisheries that target the albacore stocks, and the research and management efforts that are in place to ensure the overall sustainability of this important marine resource.

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