Vessel and Aerial Support

The SWFSC is a sea-going research center.  Research surveys are designed to collect data on the abundance, distribution, and biological characteristics of fish and protected species, and to assess the ecosystems of which they are a part, from sea-going research vessels, including the NOAA Ships McArthur II, Bell M. Shimada, a new Fisheries Service Vessel (FSV6) with funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (expected delivery in 2014) and chartered vessels.  SWFSC scientists have developed a series of instrumented fisheries survey vessels to access areas closer to shore and have developed innovative autonomous underwater vehicles and remotely operated vehicles to allow fisheries survey measurements to be made in difficult to access locations and conditions and to collect concurrent information on biological, physical, chemical and geological aspects of the ocean. SWFSC scientists also conduct aerial surveys on the distribution and abundance of species that can be spotted on the surface of the water such as marine mammals and turtles and expect to take full use of NOAA’s new west coast fixed wing aircraft. 

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Visit and watch videos from our research cruises.

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