Middle School Marine Mammal Resources

/uploadedImages/dolphin.jpg How and Why Marine Mammals are Studied At Sea:

Survey Basics & Delphinus Cruise Case Study

In this set of materials, students learn about research techniques used to study marine mammals in the wild. The power point lecture takes students through the basics of marine mammal surveys, while they second allows them to follow along with a recent Southwest Fisheries Science Center survey of common dolphins. Lectures and activities align with middle school California science standards for ease of use. Activities allow students to step into the scientific role by planning a survey, learning about aging marine mammals and more!

Lecture Files:

Download includes introductory letter to the teacher, power point lectures, associated teacher's notes and media files (content will take several minutes to download)

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Students take what they learned from the lectures and continue the survey adventure through these activities. All activities contain directions & worksheets for students along with teacher instructions and answer keys.

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Last modified: 2/2/2015