La Jolla Laboratory Replacement Project - The Building Team

The architectural firm Gould Evans, based in Kansas City, Missouri, served as architect, responsible for coordinating the team’s efforts.  The local construction firm, Rudolph and Sletten was selected as the general contractor. TranSystems, also based in Kansas City, Missouri, served as the structural engineer. Other team members included Architects | Delawie Wilkes Rodrigues Barker, the associate architect from San Diego and Gibbens Drake Scott, the Kansas City-based prime consultant with NOAA, and one of three firms responsible for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering on the project. HDR Architecture, Inc. (HDR) served as the laboratory, security, specifications, and sustainability consultant. 

Architectural / Engineering Design Team

Prime Consultant and Mech./Elec./Plumb./Fire Prot./Tech. (MEPFT) Engineer – Gibbens Drake Scott, Raytown, MO

Architect – Gould Evans, Kansas City, MO

Associate Architect – Delawie, San Diego, CA

Structural Engineer – TranSystems Corporation, Kansas City, MO

Specifications, Laboratory Consultant, Security Consultant, and Sustainability Consultant HDR Architecture, San Diego, CA and San Francisco, CA

Life Support Systems Consultant – MWH Americas, San Diego, CA

Civil Engineer – RBF Consulting, San Diego, CA

Landscape Architect – Wimmer Yamada & Caughey, San Diego, CA

Vegetated Roofs Consultant – Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company, North Kansas City, MO

Cost Analysis Consultant – Campbell-Anderson & Associates, San Diego, CA

Commissioning Consultant and Agent - Facility Dynamics, San Diego, CA

Animation Imaging Consultant - Arnold Imaging, Kansas City, MO

General Contractor

Rudolph and Sletten, San Diego, CA

NOAA Project Management

NOAA Office of the Chief Administrative Officer, Silver Spring, MD

            Real Property and Management Division, Silver Spring, MD

                        Project Planning and Management Division, Silver Spring, MD

                                    Western Regional Office, Seattle, WA

NOAA Fisheries Office of Management and Budget, Silver Spring, MD

            Facilities Safety and Logistics Division, Silver Spring, MD

SWFSC Director’s Office and Operations and Management Division, La Jolla, CA