Maps of Surveys by Division

The SWFSC conducts surveys on coastal pelagic species, groundfish, large pelagic species, marine mammals, marine turtles, and invertebrates in the California Current, the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean, the Central Pacific Ocean, and the Southern Ocean off the Antarctic Peninsula.  One-off surveys have been conducted in the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Alaska.  Our surveys are designed to collect data on the abundance, distribution, and biological characteristics of fish and protected species, and to assess the ecosystems of which they are a part. Ship-based surveys (cruises) are conducted on sea-going NOAA research vessels and chartered vessels. The link below displays the ship-based and aerial research surveys conducted by the SWFSC in these areas. Although surveys may be conducted seasonally, annually, tri-annually or opportunistically, each survey is only represented once. A description for each survey can be viewed by clicking on each individual survey on the map.