2014 SWFSC Program Review of Fish Stock Assessments

In January of 2013, NOAA Fisheries initiated a standardized five-year cycle to peer review science conducted by each of the six science centers and the headquarters Office of Science and Technology. Each year will have a specific thematic focus with 2014's focus on Stock Assessments supporting the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA). SWFSC invited experts from both inside and outside the federal government to hear examine and evaluate each Center’s fishery stock assessment program that is conducted pursuant to the MSA and comparable international agreements. Stock assessments are demographic analyses designed to provide particular scientific advice to living resource managers.

2013 Review of fishery, survey and biological data for stock assessments 

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The panel of experts were respected members of the scientific community and were internal as well as external to NOAA: Dan Howard (Chair), NOAA Ocean Service; Samuel Pooley, NOAA; Nathan Taylor, Canada; Anne Hollowed, NOAA; and Jake Schweigert, DFO Canada. The SWFSC Program Review was open to the public and was held July 28 - August 1, 2014 at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center at 8901 La Jolla Shores Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037. 

Program Review Terms of Reference

Annotated Agenda with Documents and Presentations

Panel Report

SWFSC Response

NMFS National Response


Day 1 - Monday, 28 July       
9:00 AM           Introduction     
SWFSC  Overview      
Theme II: Overview of Assessment Process
Fisheries Management Background: Coastal Pelagic Species (CPS) Highly Migratory Species (HMS) and Groundfish.               
Fisheries Background
Overview of assessments conducted by SWFSC    
Public Comment          
Panel Questions and Discussion on TOR and Assessment Process
Private Panel Work     
5:00 PM           Adjourn for the Day   

Day 2 - Tuesday, 29 July    
9:00 AM         Brief review   
Theme I: Scientific and Technical Process 
Overview of Groundfish Assessments
Overview of CPS Assessments        
Overview of HMS Assessments
Theme III: Peer Review Process       
Groundfish and CPS Review
HMS Review  
Public Comment          
Panel Questions and Discussion on Assessment and Peer Review Processes      
Private Panel Work       
5:00 PM           Adjourn for the Day   

Day 3 - Wednesday 30 July 
9:00 AM           Brief review
Theme IV: Organization and Priorities                      
Prioritizing Groundfish Assessments
Prioritizing CPS and HMS Assessments        
Theme V: Accomplishments Relative to Groundfish, HMS and CPS          
Incorporating Ecosystem and Environment in to Assessments         
Theme VI Communications   
Theme VII: Opportunities      
Public comment          
Panel Questions and Discussion on Accomplishments, Priorities, Communications and Opportunities
Private Panel Work     
5:00 PM           Adjourn for the day    

Day 4 - Thursday, 1 August            
9:00 AM          
Panel Questions and Discussion       
Private Panel Work     
5:00 PM           Adjourn for the day

Day 5 - Friday, 2 August     
Private Panel report out with Center Leadership