West Coast Protected Fish Species Program Review Agenda and Background Documents

DRAFT AGENDA West Coast Protected Fish Species Program Review Seattle, Washington 4-8 May 2015
Day 1 - Monday, 4 May
Time Topic (PowerPoint format) Speaker Primary Documents Supporting Documents
Introduction and Overview
9:00 AM 1.0 Welcome and introduction to the review John Stein and Cisco Werner

SWFSC Science Plan
SWFSC Annual Guidance Memo 2014-2015
NWFSC Science Plan
NWFSC Annual Guidance Memorandum

9:25 AM 1.1 West Coast Region science needs and legal mandates Barry Thom
9:50 AM 2.0 Salmon recovery science overview Mike Ford and Steve Lindley

Stout et al. 2012
McElhany et al. 2000

NWFSC Bibliography

SWFSC Bibliography

Waples 1991
Weitkamp et al. 1995
Ford et al. 2011
Ruckelshaus et al. 2006
Wainwright et al. 2008
Lindley et al. 2007
Lindley et al. 2007

10:20 AM BREAK
10:35 AM 2.1 Overview of Center's salmon science programs Mike Ford, Walton Dickhoff, Steve Lindley, Richard Zabel

NWFSC Conservation Biology Division
NWFSC Fish Ecology Division
SWFSC Fisheries Ecology Division
Organization Chart

11:30 AM 2.2 Monitoring and sources of data Chris Jordan

Ward et al. 2012
McClure et al. 2003

12:15 PM LUNCH
Freshwater Habitat
1:15 PM 3.0 Freshwater habitat research and restoration overview Phil Roni

Roni et al. 2008
Beechie et al. 2012

1:50 PM 3.1 The effect of salmon colonization on ecosystem patterns and processes George Press

Warrick et al. 2015 
Pess et al. 2008

2:15 PM 3.2 Toxic chemical contaminants Nat Sholz

Incardona et al. 2014 
MacNeale et al. 2010 
Laetz et al. 2009

Baldwin et al. 2009 
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Labenia et al. 2007 
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Laetz et al. 2014 
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Climate Change
3:00 PM 4.0 Climate change and salmon recovery - overview Nate Mantua

Beechie et al. 2012

3:40 PM 4.1 Impacts of climate change on Snake River salmon Lisa Crozier

Crozier et al. 2007
Crozier et al. 2011

4:00 PM Discussion and public comment
4:30 PM Closed session for panel
5:00 PM Adjourn
Day 2 - Tuesday, 5 May
Time Topic (PowerPoint format) Speaker Primary Documents Supporting Documents
Survival in Rivers
8:30 AM 5.0 Columbia River survival studies and models Richard Zabel

Zabel et al. 2008

9:00 AM 5.1 California Central Valley survival studies Sean Hayes

Sabal, M., S. Hayes, J. Merz, J. Setka. In Review. Habitat alteratiosn and a non-native predator, Striped Bass, increase native salmon mortality in the California Central Valley, USA.
Klimley et al. 2013
Michel, C.J., A.J. Ammann, S.T. Lindley, P.T. Sandstrom, E.D. Chapman, M.J. Thomas, G.P. Singer, A.P. Klimley, R.B. MacFarlane. In Prep. Chinook salmon outmigration survival in wet and dry years in California’s Sacramento River.
Michel et al. 2012

Cunningham et al. 2014
Perry et al. 2012

Estuary and Ocean
9:30 AM 6.0 Estuarine/Ocean ecology research overview Kurt Fresh

Jacobson, K., B. Peterson, M. Trudel, J. Ferguson, C. Morgan, D. Welch, A. Baptista, B. Beckman, R. Brodeur, E. Casillas, R. Emmett, J. Miller, D. Teal, T. Wainwright, L. weitkamp, J. Zamon, K. Fresh. 2012. The marine ecology of juvenile Columbia River basin salmonids: a synthesis of research 1998-2011. (Unpublished)
Jones et al. 2014

Beamer, E., C. Rice, R. Henderson, K. Fresh, M. Rowse. 2007. Taxonomic composition of fish assemblages, and density and size of juvenile Chinook salmon in the greater Skagit River estuary field sampling and data summary report. Preapred for the Dept. of the Army. (Unpublished)
Craig et al. 2014
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9:45 AM 6.1 Ocean ecology and ocean surveys Sean Hayes

Hayes et al. 2011
Hassrick, J.L., M.J. Henderson, W.J. Sydeman, J.A. Harding, A.J. Ammann, D.D. Huff, E.D. Crandall, E. Bjorkstedt, J.C. Garza, S.A. Hayes. In prep. Early ocean distribution of juvenile Chinook salmon in an upwelling ecosystem.
Woodson et al. 2013

Hayes et al. 2011a
Osterback et al. 2013
Hayes et al. 2011b

10:30 AM BREAK
10:50 AM 6.2 Ocean indicators relative to protected species Brian Burke

Burke et al. 2013
Peterson et al. 2014

11:15 AM 6.3 Growth and survival of salmon in the North California Current Brian Beckman

Ferriss et al. 2014
Bond et al. 2014

12:20 PM LUNCH
11:40 AM 7.0 Salmon harvest science overview and winter-run Chinook case study Michael O'Farrell and Robert Kope

Winship et al. 2014
Winship et al. 2013

1:20 PM 7.1 Ocean salmon cooperative research Peter Lawson

Golderberg et al.
Fitzpatrick et al. 2012
Satterthwaite et al. 2013
Bellinger, M.R., M.A. Banks, S.J. Bates, E.D. Crandall, J.C. Garza, G. Sylvia, P.W. Lawson. In press. Geo-referenced, abundance calibrated ocean distribution of Chinook salmon (Oncorhychus tshawytscha) stocks across the west coast of North America. PLOS One

Bellinger et al. 2009
Workshop Proceedings 2012
Yorkshire et al. 2009
Lavrakas et al. 2012

1:40 PM

8.0 Hatchery science overview 

8.0 part 2 Red Fish Lake case study

Barry Berejikian

Berejikian et al. 2012
Harstad et al., 2014
Kline and Flagg 2014

Dittman et al. 2015
Kalinowski et al. 2012

2:25 PM 8.1 Genetics taggin for monitoring and evaluation of hatcheries Carlos Garza

Abadía-Cardoso et al. 2013
Anderson and Garza 2005

2:50 PM 8.2 Evaluating the effects of naturally spawning hatchery salmon Mike Ford

Buhle et al. 2009
Christie et al. 2014

Baskett and Waples 2012
Berejikian et al. 2008
Berntson et al. 2011
Ford Cons Biol 2002
Ford et al. 2012
Ford et al. 2015
Hatchery Listing Policy
Williamson et al. 2010

Day 2 - Tuesday, 5 May
Time Topic (PowerPoint format) Speaker Primary Documents Supporting Documents
3:15 PM Break
3:35 PM 8.3 Non-native species research Beth Sanderson

Carey et al. 2011
Carey et al. 2012
Sanderson et al. 2009

4:00 PM Discussion and public comment
4:30 PM Closed session for panel
5:00 PM Adjourn
Day 3 - Wednesday, 6 May
Time Topic (PowerPoint format) Speaker Primary Documents Supporting Documents
Evolution and Life History
8:30 AM 9.0 Evolution and Life-history Overview Jeff Hard

Reed et al. 2011
Thrower and Hard 2009
Waples et al. 2007

Eldridge et al. 2010
Hecht et al. 2015
Allendorf and Hard 2009
Bromaghin et al 2010
Doctor et al. 2014
Hard et al. 2008
Reed et al. 2010a
Reed et al. 2010b
Waples et al. 2008

8:50 AM 9.1 Genomic adaptation and conservation of life-history variation Devon Pearse

Rundio et al. 2012
Martínez et al. 2011
Pearse et al. 2009
Pearse et al. 2014

9:10 AM 9.2 Epigenetics Penny Swanson

Smith and Ritchie 2013
Duncan et al. 2014
Richards et al. 2010

9:30 AM 9.3 Steelhead life-history modeling Will Satterthwaite

Satterthwaite et al. 2010
Shelton et al. 2013

Satterthwaite et al. 2009
Satterthwaite et al. 2012
Sogard et al. 2012

Life-Cycle Modeling and synthesis
10:15 AM 10.0 Life-cycle modeling I Eric Danner

Hendrix et al. 2014
Martin et al. 2015
Pike et al. 2013

10:50 AM 10.1 Life-cycle modeling II Richard Zabel

Zabel et al. 2013
Zabel et al. 2006

11:20 AM 10.2 Salmon wrap up and discussion
12:10 PM LUNCH
Green Sturgeon, Eulachon, and Rockfish
1:10 PM 11.0 Green sturgeon overview Steve Lindley

Huff et al. 2012
Adams et al. 2006
Lindley et al. 2011

1:50 PM 11.1 Eulachon overview Rick Gustafson

Gustafson et al. 2012
Gustafson, R., Y.-W. Lee, E. Ward., K. Somers, V. Tuttle, J. Jannot. In Prep. Observed and Estimated Bycatch of Eulachon in 2002-2013 US West Coast Groundfish Fisheries.
Ward, E.J., J.E Jannot, Y.-W. Lee, K. Ono, A.O. Shelton, J.T. Thorson, In press. Using spatiotemporal species distribution models to identify temporally evolving hotspots of species co-occurrence.

Gustafson et al. 2010

2:30 PM 11.2 Puget Sound rockfish species overview Nick Tolimieri

Drake et al. 2010
Williams et al. 2010

3:00 PM Discussion and public comment
3:30 PM Closed session for panel
Day 4 - Thursday, 7 May - Closed work session for panel members
Day 5 - Friday, 8 May - Private debrief with panel and NMFS Leadership
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