2017 Review of SWFSC Economics & Human Dimensions Program

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July 25-28, 2017
La Feliz Room at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center on the UC Santa Cruz Marine Science Campus

The 2017 NOAA Fisheries Science Program Reviews evaluated economic and human dimensions programs that support the US Magnuson Stevens Act, US Endangered Species Act, and the US Marine Mammal Protection Act. 

The objective for reviews is to evaluate the current scientific programs of the Centers/ST that are directed to provide social and economic information essential to the management, protection and restoration of ocean and coastal ecosystems, ensuring the sustainable benefits to the Nation. A panel of reviewers provided advice to the Center on the direction and quality of our economics and human dimensions programs. Additional information about the NMFS reviews and results of previous reviews can be found here.

The review panel consisted of experts from within and outside NOAA. Reviewers provided advice to the Southwest Fisheries Science Center on the direction and quality of its economics & human dimensions programs. The review included background materials, presentations by scientists, extended discussion sessions, and opportunities for public comment. Independent review reports from the panelists and our response, including an action plan for program adjustments based on panelists' recommendations are below.

Review Panel Members  
Sam G. Pooley (Panel Chair), University of Hawaii
Jeff Michael, University of the Pacific                    
Kenneth McConnell, University of Maryland
Olivier Thebaud, Ifremer, Maritime Economics Unit, UMR AMURE, France
Lisa Colburn, NOAA Fisheries, Northeast Fisheries Science Center                   

Terms of Reference

Agenda/Background materials



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