More about NOAA's New Vessel

THE NEW NOAA VESSEL (this site developed by the NWFSC)

NOAA’s newest ship will be one of the most technologically advanced survey vessels in the world. It is designed to conduct both fisheries and oceanographic research. The vessel will be shared by the  Northwest Fisheries Science Center and Southwest Fisheries Science Center , and will service the West Coast.



Length: 208.6 feet

Breadth: 49.2 feet

Full load displacement: 2,479 metric tons

Lightship displacement: 1,840 metric tons

Speed: 14 knots

Endurance: 40 days

Builder: VT Halter Marine, Inc., Pascagoula, Mississippi




Low acoustic radiated sound helps scientists monitor fish quietly without affecting their behavior.

Scientific sonar system measures fish biomass.

Dynamic positioning system keeps vessel at a fixed point in the ocean.

Multi-beam sonar system provides information about the seafloor

High-Tech Design