Tagging and Tracking

Marine Mammal Research

Fisheries and Shark Research

Marine Turtles Research

Seabird Research

Orca Tracking

Killer Whale Tracking


Shark Satellite Pop-Up Tagging


Marine Turtle Tracks in San Diego Bay The previous link is a link to non-Federal government web site.  Click to review NOAA Fisheries disclaimer

Chinstrap Penguin

Seabird Research Program


Case Study of Beluga Whales


Ocean Sunfish Tracking

Turtle Tracks

NOAA ship David Starr Jordan Turtle Tracking


Seal Tracking

Pinniped Research Program

Albacore Map

Albacore Archival Tagging


GW tail3

Tracking gray whales

Rockfish Barotrauma Research using Acoustic Tags

Rockfish Barotrauma Research using Acoustic Tags




Last modified: 8/3/2017