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In 2006, the Southwest Fisheries Science Center conducted a Stenella Abundance Research (STAR) survey. The primary objective of the STAR cruise was to assess the status of dolphin stocks which have been taken as incidental catch by the yellowfin tuna purse-seine fishery in the Eastern Tropical Pacific and to sample the ecosystem of which they are a part. The STAR project uses an ecosystem approach to management, and consists of a series of at-sea surveys which began in the 1970s and are repeated periodically.

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Mark Harris Teacher at Sea VideoMark Harris Teacher at Sea

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Mark Harris, a teacher from Layton High School in Kaysville, Utah participated on Leg 1 of the Southwest Fisheries Science Center's (SWFSC) 2006 Eastern Tropical Pacific Dolphin & Ecosystem Survey aboard NOAA Ship David Starr Jordan. Mark was sponsored through the Armada ProjectThe previous link is a link to non-Federal government web site.  Click to review NOAA Fisheries disclaimer, a research and mentoring experience for teachers.