Submersible Use for Habitat Research

Submersible icon Submersible Dive Off Southern California

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Take a virtual dive to 200 meters water depth in the Delta submersible and explore marine life and habitats on the offshore banks of Southern California. Researchers at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center's (SWFSC) Fisheries Ecology Division in Santa Cruz conduct visual surveys of fishes, corals, sponges, and other components of deep-sea communities. The information is used to characterize habitats and improve stock assessments for groundfish species.

Longline icon Cooperative Surveys Using Commerical Longline and Mini-submersible

(NOTE:This video contains audio)

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Researchers at the SWFSC Fisheries Ecology Division work with a commercial fisherman to compare survey methods used to determine groundfish abundance, size and species composition, and catchability on the continental shelf north of Monterey Bay. On this video from the mini-submersible you can see the paired red laser dots, 20 cm apart, used to estimate fish size underwater. Fish caught on the longline gear include bocaccio, yellowtail rockfish, greenspotted rockfish, and a spiny dogfish.

Contact: SWFSC Fisheries Ecology Division, Habitat Ecology Team